October 3-7, 2022 - Florence, Italy

Course Topics

Introduction to Frequency Domain Techniques  – A. Freni (UNIFI)

An overview of frequency domain methods. Mathematical aspects common to any frequency domain method. Review of basics of linear system solvers 

Introduction to the Method of Moments – Z. Sipus (UNIZAG)

Construction of Moment Method programs. Examples of the development of Moment Method codes (thin wire antennas, slot antennas). Scattering from metallic objects. Body of Revolution problems. Analysis of lenses and focalizing structures.

Mixed Potential formulations of some integral equations in Electromagnetics – J. Mosig (EPFL)
Integral equations for electrostatics problems in free space. Mixed potentials for electrodynamics (full-wave) problems: vector and scalar potential. The Mixed Potential Integral Equation (MPIE) and its associated Green's functions. Method of Moments (MoM) implementations of the MPIE. Multilayered media: The spectral domain. Associated Green's functions as Sommerfeld integrals. 

Periodic stuctures – A. Skrivervik (EPFL)
Definition of a periodic structure and examples of applications, eg. arrays, frequency selective surfaces, and metamaterials. Periodic Green's functions in space and spectral domains. Grating lobes and blind spots. Convergence issues.

Course schedule: 25 hours

Prerequisites: Basic electromagnetic theory,  Basic antenna theory

Availability: 20 students

Student grant information
: One grant is available (please see below)

Additional Info
: The course gives 2 ECTS credits

: Accommodation is not included in the course fee.

Further Information
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Grant rules for the ESoA course

A maximum of one registration fee will be granted to students from non-profit institutions (offered by the company IDS S.p.a.).

Students who wish to apply for the grant should send, no later than 4th September 2022, to Prof. Angelo Freni ([email protected]):
- a motivation letter;
- curriculum vitae;
- a reference letter.
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Important deadlines:
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